A few fun facts about the global telecom industry to acknowledge

From the latest trends in telecom industry to only observing its history over the decades, we can definitely outline a common thread: most innovations were driven by the demand for more convenience in human everyday tasks. You may not discover this, but the first instance of a webcam was created in a university to keep on an eye on a coffee pot which was situated in a different room, making sure that people would know when it was full, avoiding a trip to the room in vain only to discover an empty coffee pot. A motivation as mundane as this has led the way for large firms to establish the idea, as seen in important occurrences like the Logitech AGM. If this is how many of the things we are accustomed to these days were created, the future of telecommunications industry might as well be driven by a similar force, making our future life even more handy and basic.

Contemplating the most obvious telecommunication industry facts, the role that mobile phones play in our daily life today is certainly a striking concept. Just 10 or about 20 years back, we would actually have separate appliances for listening to music, gaming, accessing the internet, and making phone calls: nowadays, all these things are easily contained in one smart phone, with instant internet speeds that events like the Telecom Italia AGM actually have discussed to be an active player in its advancement. As a telecommunications industry analysis has demonstrated, the most common reason humans see their phone presently is to check what the time is, showing how it has become possibly the most fundamental object one can carry around. As lately, now that we are even able to employ our phone to make tangible payments, as an alternative for a debit card, it definitely goes to show how crucial this sector is in our lifestyle.

While tech advancement is distinctly one of the key players in the telecommunications industry, a thing that quite funnily seems to predict what category of thing will be invented in the future is fiction. Of course, this is true of many fields of tech, and not simply telecom: think of probably one of the most famous comedic science fictions series, accurately predicting the idea of an ebook almost 30 years before it was actually a prominent item in commerce. Arguably, the same has happened in the advancements of machine learning and the creation of the very first instances of artificial intelligence offered to the general public, presently being implemented by prominent figures among IT and telecom sector companies like the Nvidia board.

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